masa bukan emas..tetapi adalah nyawa dan kehidupan

kerana cinta

jom hayati seketika lirik lagu dari kumpulan mestica feat inteam...
bes liriknya.....

Cinta itu cahaya sanubari
Kurniaan Tuhan fitrah insani
Dan di mana terciptanya cinta
Di situ rindu bermula

Cinta itu tak pernah meminta
Tetapi memberi sepenuh rela
Rasa bahagia biarpun sengsara
Berkorban segala-gala

Semua kerana cinta
Yang pahit manis di rasa
Menghibur nestapa
Merawat duka

Damai di jiwa
Terpadamlah api benci permusuhan
Terjalinlah kasih sayang begitulah cinta
Yang diidamkan tanpa nafsu yang mencemarkan

Dan jangan kita pula
Kerana bercinta kita pun leka
Dan jangan pula kerana bercinta
Tergadai semua maruah agama

Cinta yang sejati
Hanya cintakan illahi
Cinta ayah bonda
Tulus suci selamanya

Cintakan saudara
Hanya sementara
Serta sesama insan
Suburkan dengan ketakwaan.. 

The Ten Principles of Hassan al-Banna

1.) The Unity of the Ummah. He considered it in itself a primary and important goal that we must strive for. "Do no disagree, then you fail and lose the wind (in your tail."

2.) The Agreement on Principal Matters. Such that we start by considering everyone who declares shahadah - La ilah illaAllah, Muhammad arrusulAllah - as our companion and part of the Muslim group.

3.) Assume First that You, Not Your Muslim Brother, May be Wrong. And see how you find the truth impartially.

4.) The Manners for Disagreement. That you should be as keen about listening to your brother's evidence and argument as you are about giving your evidence and argument, and be pleasant and smiling whether the result is for you or against you.

5.) Avoiding Arguing, Self-Righteousness, and Belittling of Others. Al Banna said: "No nation went astray after being guided, except after it fell to cursing and arguing." And: "He will have a place in Heaven that leaves arguing when he is wrong, and a higher place in Heaven if he leaves arguing when he is right."

6.) The Possibility of Mulitiple Correct Answers. He referred to the Prophet telling the sahabah to pray Asr in Bani Quraiza, how some of them prayed Asr when it's time came, while others prayed it when they reached Bani Quraiza after sundown, and how the Prophet praised both parties.

7.) The Group Participation in Agreed Upon Matters and to Excuse One Another in What is Disagreed Upon. He emphasized, "We all agree on prohibiting alcohol, adultery, and gambling, and we agree on the duty to govern according to Quran so let us invite governments to implement it; we agree that honor and respect are due to Muslims, so let us impart these ideals to Muslims, we agree that jihad is the means to accomplish honor so let us train the individual, and to raise children with the necessary spiritual and physical training."

8.) Thinking of the Danger of the Common Adversary. He reminded Muslims of the present external enemies who do not differentiate between Muslims or different views or different national origin. The enemy considers Muslims enemies of his religion, and their homelands a prize to be dominated for its resources. He emphasized the need for unity to deter aggression.

9.) Opening the Avenues for Work and Productivity. He recognized the duel purpose of working hard, to produce more and to stay free from the evil of idleness. He encouraged members to excel in schools and jobs, and to seek earning from lawful sources and to shun laziness and dependence on others. He encouraged them to fill in duties that others have not even identified, such as visiting brothers far and near, volunteerism, and to allow time each day for examining how they have done for the sake of Allah.

10.) Sympathy for Those Who Do Not See the Light. Rather than being angry with them or exposing their shortcomings. He never attacked his accusers or distractors on personal matter, but rather sought Allah's help in making His message clearer to those who were listening.


1 lagi....tanda perjuangan sem nie..MAKA...



tanda perjuangan sem nie...
lps hbis paper nie...
maka berakhirlah sem4 ku di Unimap...
masih berbaki lg 4 sem...hohoho~
~pejam celik pejam celik, da ujung sem...
las paper lak tu...
cepat rasanya berlalu....

semoga las paper nie..dpt buat yg pling tbaik ah..
(harapnya la..hehe)

"Ya Allah..permudahkanlah urusan ku ini"

gmbar xbrape clear, anyway aq tetap syg korg sumer tau~(ape kaitannya dgn gmbr?haha)

selamat berjaya gak kepada budak2 biomed tahun dua....
rindu laaa korang nnt...pas exam cuti lama...huhu~